3:AM Magazine

3:AM Magazine

From 2010 to 2012 I was a co-editor at 3:AM magazine, where I wrote some long features on Chicago and the Twin Cities, including three series:

Crime in the Twin Cities

The Shame of Minneapolis

The Big Fellow and the Cardinal

St. Paul’s Gangster Era

Shall Make No Law

Closing the Shop

The Chicago Daily News

A Writer’s Paper

Bringing the World to Chicago

A review of the complete works of Studs Terkel

It Could Only Happen Here (Giants of Jazz)

My World Was My City (Division Street)

The Tangible Past (Hard Times)

Kings Didn’t Build the Pyramids (Working)

He’s a Great Listener (Talking To Myself)

Dreamers By Day (American Dreams Lost And Found)

One, Two, Three, What Are We Fighting For? (“The Good War”)

I Love Thee, Infamous City (Chicago)

The Two Americas (The Great Divide)

The Great American Obsession (Race)

Losing the Past (Coming of Age)

A Real Life Character (The Spectator)

Is a Better Home Waiting in the Sky (Will the Circle Be Unbroken?)

If You Lose Hope, You Lose Everything (Hope Dies Last)

Adventures of an Eclectic Disk Jockey (And They All Sang)

Whether We Last The Night (Touch and Go)

Last Call (P. S.)

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